Sunday, January 31, 2010

Art Trip's Art VIII

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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Art Trip's Art VII

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Friday, January 29, 2010

Damien Hirst

Hate him or love him, he makes good press.

Warning: Don’t Mess with Damien Hirst’s Pencils

No Love Lost: Damien Hirst Faces the Old Masters via The Rumpus

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Nick Nolte as a Painter

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

1st Annual Art Bok Choy Camden Art Fair and Art Stuff Emporium

Mix with the Rich and the Powerful!

Buy Art Stuff!

Find Your Inner Artist!

Rub shoulders with legendary Art Dealers, Collectors and Artists!

Have your Photograph taken with Famous Art Stars!

Become a Famous Artist!

It’s all here at the 1st Annual Art Bok Choy

Camden and Art Stuff Emporium!

The Non-Profit Art Trip Art Foundation, through the sponsorship of Art Magazine and the generous support of the GreatFamousArtistArt SuperStore, is proud to present its 1st Annual Art Bok Choy Art Fair and Art Stuff Emporium. Nestled in the confines of beautiful downtown Camden, NJ, the Bates Motel and Conference Center will be the epicenter of Art commerce for three full days. Join us in this groundbreaking art fair that promises to have something for every art dealer, collector and artist.

The path to Art enlightenment starts as you enter the fabulous Bates hotel!

Experience artistic Bliss as you gaze upon the Art in the incredible Bates Conference Hall!

Get giddy as you meander through the great
Art Stuff Emporium!

Special exhibits include:

Finding and Wearing Cool and Trendy Artist Clothes

Becoming a Art Star

Shopping the Art Stuff Emporium

Become Famous and Make Money Writing an Art Blog

Developing your Artytude

How to Speak Fart (Fuzzy Artist Talk)

Become an Art Star in your own home town studio by participating in a special Artist forum and become proficient in the Neo-Post-Tripism.

Also available for Artist of all levels, the ever popular, “Artist BS Training”.

Rub shoulders with a heady list of famous Art Stars and Pimp-Celeb Art Dealers and Collectors:

Earl of San Antonio
(Owner of Earl's ArtGuy Art Place and Pistol Packin' Art Gallery)

Silver Ray
(Trance Art based on a Western theme – Hi-Ho Silver!!!)

Lip-Gloss Art
(Pink is the only Ture Art)

Taka Masterbatekami
(The ever popular Comic Book Art Star)

MadDawg and his lovely wife HotDawg
(Legendary art collectors from LA)

Demon "I'll Sue Your Ass" Heist
(Founder of the Piehole School of Art)

Stanley Zambowski
(Owner of the famous Stan's Polish Sausage Hut and the Hot Polish Sausage Art Gallery)

(Working in the Greater Fool style of art)

Ann of the Forest
(The new age Wicca art sensation who promises to kick your ass)

Unique to the 1st Art Bok Choy Art Fair and Art Stuff Emporium is the easy to understand Art Pass System that will allow you to choose how close you want to be to Famous Dealers, collections, celebrity and art stars..

The Red Pass: This gets you into the Art Hall to ponder what it would be like to actually look at the art. Of course it will allow you into the Art Stuff Emporium. Come on, what did you expect for that money. You know you are being cheap! - $203

The Orange Pass: This allows you into the Art Hall on the last day of the Fair. In the meantime, you can always by art stuff in the Art Stuff Emporium. Binoculars available in the Art Stuff Emporium for extra cost to check out the art at a distance. - $523

The Yellow Pass: This allows you into the Art Hall on the last two days of the Fair. Binoculars provided. - $1,097

The Green Pass: This allows you into the Art Hall on the last two days of the Fair. You might actually be able to see the Stars from afar. Includes an autographed photo. - $2,965

The Blue Pass: 3rd to 19th row. See and hear the Yoga Star. A possibility of one (1) hands-on adjustment from the Yoga Star teaching the workshop. Includes an autographed photo and DVD of the Yoga Star. - $4,678

The Indigo Pass Let's you in at some point on the 2nd Dat. At least one (1) guarenteed sighting of a famous artist, collector or dealer. Includes a personally autographed photo and DVD of an Art Star and includes a voucher worth 10% discount off of all purchases from the Yoga Stuff Emporium. - $8,398

The Gold Pass: Allowed into the Fair hall on the first day. At least two (2) sighting guarenteed from an Art Star, collector or dealer with a possiblitlty of more if you happen to be a rich art hottie! Includes a photo of you and the rt Star and a ‘memory relic' of the Star such as a toenail, a strand of hair, or bead of sweat in a specially designed art container. Perfect for adding to your art collection to show how in your are to the Art Stars and the Art Scene- $15,698

To reserve you space send an international money order for the amounts above to:

Art Trip Productions
Postal Drop 419
Ebola Okei-Dokei Street


Slip a plain brown envelope containing unmarked Dollars or Euros for the amount above to our lovely registrant, Miss Clio, anytime before or during the conference. Please use the back door of the Bates Hotel for this method of payment. Knock 3 times and say "Art Trip".

Miss Clio awaiting your payment to the 1st Annual Art Bok Choy Fair and Art Stuff Emporium.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Art Trip's Art VI

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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Art Trip's Art V

Friday, January 22, 2010

Louis Armstrong Collages

Who knew? via Paris Review

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Mysterious dog found under Van Gogh painting

Jasmine Johns
For Art Journal

A previously unknown charcoal sketch of a dog by Vincent van Gogh has been revealed in a high-tech look beneath one of his paintings. Using a new technique based on "synchrotron radiation induced X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy", the dog seems to be a preliminary sketch for an intended painting. It appears that Van Gogh changed his mind and instead, painted over the sketch with a portrait of Pere Tanguy, a dealer who sold art supplies in Paris.

Art Von Dawggin, an art historian at the Van Gogh Foundation commented, “We only know of one other instance of a painting of a dog by Van Gogh, “Portrait of a Yoga Dawg”. The title of the painting has always been a bit of a mystery as to who this dog was and what exactly is a “yoga dawg”. We know that Van Gogh had an interest in Japan as he has painted many paintings with a Japanese motif. It has been speculated that Tanguy might have had a meditating novelty statue in his shop that he brought back from Japan along with the Japanese prints that he sold to Van Gogh and the other Impressionist painters. Scholars now suspect that this might be a second painting that Van Gogh intended to paint containing a ‘Yoga Dawg”.

Editors Note: While researching this story, numerous references exist that seems to imply that there is an ancient Indian Rushi, a “YogaDawg” incarnation, that roams the earth and appears to yogis from time to time throughout history, to tell them a good joke.

Van Gogh painting with ghostly image of a 'YogaDawg' underneath

The Van Gogh painting the 'YogaDawg' sketch was found under Portrait of Père Tanguy, 1887. Oil on canvas

What the 'YogaDawg' painting by Van Gogh might have looked like as visualized by Art Von Dawggin of the Van Gogh Museum

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Dawgs in Art History

Leonardo da Vinci - Mona's Dawg - 1506


Vincent Van Gogh - Japanese Dawg - 1887


Giorigio di Cherico - Dawg Days Roma - 1908


Pablo Picasso - La Dawgie - 1912


Jasper Johns - Not YogaDawg - 1959


Andy Wahol - YogaDawg Mao - 1965

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Art Trip's Art IV

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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Art Trip's Art III

More information about Art Trip's art here

Friday, January 15, 2010

Art/Meditation Movie is a Hit

Terry Tylor For Art Film Daily

In the tradition of 4'33" by John Cage, Empire by Andy Warhol and the White Paintings by Robert Rauschenberg , Art Trip's Bliss is a quirky 93 minute film that resides at the intersection of Yoga and Art. This crossover film has both artists and meditatiors raving while Hollywood is scratching its head over the popularity of this hybrid film that combines the yoga experience with a Minimalist art flavor.

This film is being distributed by the independent Art Trip Productions . "I took the movie to every major studio in Hollywood and every one passed," said Art Trip, the filmmaker behind Bliss. "Hollywood did not recognize the large size of the meditation/art movement and so they missed the boat”, he added.

"That film made me think. Pisses me off Trip is a better film maker than me...

- Julian Schnabel

Ms. Chasse, the spokesperson for Universal Films, is not convinced that doors are opening for this type of film. "I’m hearing that the film was a fluke", she said. "I tend to believe that it is only the genius of Art Trip that made this film a success”.

The film drew gross revenues of more than $53 million; not bad for a film with no action, no dialog and no actors. "Looking a blank screen for an hour and a half is not my idea of entertainment", concluded Ms. Chasse.

Three scenes from Art Trip's Bliss

Praise for YogaDawgs Bliss:

Best damn 93 minute nap I had in a long time…Earl of San Antonio

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz - Prez Obama (Wake up and get us the Public Option - Ad sponsored by YogisForThePublicOption.Org)

I didn't need to think during the whole film. It was wonderful - Sarah Palin

Brilliant!! Why didn't I think of this, damn.... - Damien Hirst

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Jackson's Mother of Drip

Before Jackson there was Janet

The Grandmother of Drip Painting

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

New Art Magazine - Art Magazine

A new art magazine made it's debut this month that is aimed at the trendy art crowd who want to be seen but don't want to be disturbed by all that messy art. It promises more ads, more fashion and less art.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Giving Critique (A Satire)

This is funny and think we all saw this about our art

Monday, January 11, 2010

Who is Art Trip?

Fools gold

A Pig in a poke

A Shot in the dark

Pie in the Sky

A blind alley

Three sheets to the wind

A Blabbermouth

Makes a mountain out of a mole hill

A sorry sight

Can't make heads or tails of

A fool's paradise

Full of piss and vinegar

A Fate worse than death

Hell in a handbasket

A Whack job

Absent Without Leave

For the Birds

A Cock and bull story

Mumbo Jumbo

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Art Trip Art II

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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Art Trip Art I

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Friday, January 8, 2010

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Art Trip Bio

Art Trip’s art journey began in Paris during the 1920s where as young art prodigy; his mother brought him to the City of Light to enroll him in the prestigious academic art school, Académie des Beaux-Arts. Though only 5 years old, Trip was recognized as having special artistic talent and was accepted to began his art studies with leading academic teachers of the time. His mother would, at the same time, take a position of ‘maid’ at the school as well as securing a small apartment on the outskirts of the city.

Trip, being the youngest painter to ever study in the school (and the only American), soon attracted the attention of news reporters. These reporters descended on the school to see what was so special about this young painter. When they saw the art that Trip was producing, they howled with laughter. What they seemed to be viewing were mere scribbling of a child.

An early photo of Art Trip in Paris

When photos of these early Trip paintings were released in French newspapers, the esteemed academy became the laughing stock of the art world. Parisians were outraged.

Trip's art from the Académie des Beaux-Arts period

Not all in Paris though, were put out by what they saw of Trip’s art. Paris afterall was the center of the Avant Garde art world and a group of artists centered around Pablo Picasso recognized a genius in those early "scribbles". Though Picasso was well in his mature cubist stage, he saw an avenue out of it hinted by what he saw in Trip’s art.

"Art Trip is the bomb!" - Pablo Picasso


Trip become a minor celebrity among this group of renegade artists as they would sometime show up at Trips mother’s apartment to see the latest paintings that she tacked up on the icebox. Trip would end up only spending a year at the academy because his artistic ‘peers’ convinced Trip’s mother that her son had learned all he could from academic study. In 1924, at the age of 6, Art Trip became a professional artist.

Art Trip in a Paris cafe with his artistic peers

Trip would often be seen at Paris cafes, drinking his milk with his cronies as well as a new group of upstart artists who called themselves Surrealists. The Surrealists, with their emphasis on free association, dream analysis and the hidden unconscious in developing methods to liberate imagination in the creation of art, they saw Art Trip as one of their own. As André Breton remarked, “Trip had the pre-surrealist mind of a child”.

Example of Art Trip's "Automatic Drawings" during his Surrealist period

A Trip inspired drawing by André Masson - 1920s

Working for several years as a “surrealist”, a pivotal point in Trip’s career was reached when at the age of 12; he was given a birthday party by his friends in the Cafe de L'Enfer. After being given several glasses of absinthe (this was France after all) Trip remarked, “My freaking watch is melting.” As fate would have it, a painter by the name of Salvador Dali was seated at the table and upon hearing the comment, rushed home to begin painting the iconic painting of the surrealist movement, Persistence of Memory.

A Trip inspired painting by Salvador Dali

With the Great Depression reaching the shores of France, Art Trip left Paris to return back to the United States. His mother rented a small apartment in Yonkers, NY, several miles from New York City. Trip would reside there for the next several years; living and working in obscurity in a small closet he had set up in the apartment.

"Fuck Art Trip, I didn't rip off his idea for Persistence of Memory"

- Salvador Dali

With the creation of the Works Project Administration for artists (WPA) in 1935, Trip would soon meet and be involved with a group of American painters who would work on the project and who would eventually become known as Abstract Expressionists. One of these artists that he met and eventually befriended was Jackson Pollock.

In 1939, Trip showed Pollock his “piss wall”, an alley wall where he would ‘relieve’ himself before heading back to Yonkers on the subway after heavy bouts of drinking at the Cedar Bar. Trip remarked to Pollock, “If you could piss in different colors, you could make a really great painting doing this.” Pollock would begin his ‘drip paintings’ shortly thereafter.

Jackson Pollock working on a painting inspired by Art Trip

Trip’s mother would die in the mid-1950s and without income and support from her, Trip began to sink into abject poverty. His lack of funds prevented him from buying the paints and canvas he needed to continue his work. He briefly began a phase of ‘assembling’ art from debris he found around him and that he dragged up to the apartment to work on.

"If it wasn't for Art Trip we would have all ended up simply as a bunch of pissers." - De Kooning


A new group of artists began circulating around the New York art scene who began to move away from Abstract Expressionism. One artist in particular whose name was Robert Rausenberg heard a story about a ‘pissing wall’ and an artist named Art Trip who seemed to have influence Jackson Pollock. In 1955, Rausenberg tracked down Trip in Yonkers and was stunned to find Trip’s apartment filled with 'assemblages'; art work fashioned by putting together piece of junk that Trip found in his wanderings. Rauschenberg would begin his famous series of assemblages shortly thereafter

An Art Trip inspired work by Robert Rauschenberg

In 1964, Trip stumbled on a discarded issue of Art in America and was stunned to see Rauschenberg art featured in it; fetching high prices in major galleries and Rauchenberg himself becoming an Art Star. In the same issue, a new artist by the name of Andy Warhol was shown exhibiting soup cans as art. Art Trip realized that the art world had passed him by and decided to give up making art altogether.

The go-go sixties and om-om seventies would bring a fascination of eastern thought and religions to the popular culture. At the same time Art Trip would hear of an artist who had hung around the “abstract expressionists, jazz musicians and beatniks” in the 50s but who had a psychotic break, ending up in Bellevue hospital shortly after completing an advance work called “YogaDawg Howls". It was rumored that this ‘artist’ was now in a cave in India practicing something called yoga.

Trip managed to scrap together some meager funds to get to India in an attempt to find this artist. He would began a remarkable journey over many years traveling through India and Tibet, meeting holy men, swamis, fakirs and fakers all in the hopes that one of them could tell him where this artist was. In the process, Trip would acquire many of the supernatural powers of these so-called yogis.

One fateful day that as Trip sat naked in the snow, deep in meditation on a peak in the Himalayans, he felt a tap on his shoulder. As he opened his eyes, he saw a person with a beret on his head and asked, “I heard you’re looking for me”. Art Trip had at last found the ‘artist’ he was looking for, Sri Sri Swami Baba Guru YogaDawg. Without ceremony, the guru said, “You must go back to American and do your art”. Shocked, Trip replied, “You’re fucking kidding me. I’ve been roaming this god forsaken county looking for you and this is all you have to say?” The swami shrugged his shoulders and told him to be gone. Trip returned to the United States shortly after fully realiizing his now famous art theory, Neo-Post-Tripiism. Today he continues to do his art and support himself by selling them as well as t-shirs over the internet maintaining an art blog.

"Art Trip was a dick, and as I remember, it was pretty big." - Grace Hartigan