Thursday, March 25, 2010

Featured Gallery Shows of Art Trip

Featured Gallery Shows of Art Trip

1926 – Color Chart: Reinventing Crayola Color: La Art Gallery, Paris, France

1929 – Making A Mark: Scribbles of Art Trip: Fifi’s Art Gallery, Paris, France

1931 – Projection of Childhood Constructed: So Fun to Do Art Gallery, Shibogin, WI

1932 - Against the Brain: The Art of Art Trip: It’s ArtBean, Station, TX

1941 – New to Mosquitoville: Works by Art Trip: Art With Betty and Friends, Mosquitoville, VT

1943 - Bite Me: Art Trip’s Artistic Truth: Yes to Art, Bloody Springs, AL

1943 - It’s a Jungle out There: Be As You Art, Zook, KS

1952 - It Sucks: Feel Good Art, Pumpkin Center, CA

1956 – The Schizophrenic: Autobiographical Art of Art Trip: ArtNow, Hygiene, CO

1960 - Diagonally Parking in a Parallel Universe: Art for Unlimited Ideas, Giants Neck, CT

1962 - Bouncking the Reality Check: A Walk with Art, Cocked Hat, DE

1965 - The Spontaneous Planned Art of Art Trip: And Art, Bloxham, FL

1969 – Art Trip’s Telekinesis Art: All People Art Center, Jinks, GA

1972 - Legally Blind: All about Art, Beer Bottle Crossing, ID

1977- Plagiarism: Art Trip’s Best Art: Art & Soul, Grand Detour, IL

1977 – Sheepishly Art: Arial’s Art, Barn Sac City, IA

1979 - Equal and Opposite Criticism of Art Trip: Art on the Rocks ,Carefree, IN

1982 - Boldly Going Nowhere: Art Trip’s Art in the 80s: Being Art, Goober Hill, LA

1983 – Art Trip: New Works: Art Moms, Crappo, MD

1984 - Art Trip: Old Works: Art 101, Butts, MO

1985 – Art Trip, Important Works: Modern Art & Holistic Center, Sandwich, MA

1986 – Art Trip: Not So Important Works: Art to Go, Nirvanna, MI

1987 – Art Trip: Really Crappy Work: Hot Art, Dinkytown, MN

1988 - Art Trip: Work That Will Get His Ass Thrown Out of a Southern Town: Art by Design, Bobo, MS

1988 - Show Me Your Tits: Art Trip's Life Drawings: Art 101, Butts, MO

1989 – Greeting Cards by Art Trip: Big Art, Moose Town, MT

1990 -Spank Me: Erotic Art by Art Trip: Shit Happens Art, Duckwater, NV

1991 - Lost Shape in 3 Stages: Drawing Room, Ho-ho-kus, NJ

1992 -Show Me your Tits: Art Trip Nudes: Can Do Art, Pie Town, NM

1993 -Beaten Gentleman of Lust: More Nudes by Art Trip: Close to the Edge Art, Busti, NY

2000 -Reappearance of Indestructible Future: Last 50 years of Art Trip's Art: Easing into Art, Frogsboro, NC

2001 -Joint Eye: The Singular Vision of Art Trip: Effortless Art, Can Do, ND

2003 - Boy Descending the Artist: Old Art by Art Trip: Happy Hour Art, Happyland, OK

2004 – Where am I: Just Plain Art, Boring, OR

2005 – Art Trip”s Gizzer Art: La Vida Art, Burning Well, PA

2009 – One Foot in the Grave: Lighten Up Art, Gopher, SD

2010 – Art Trip? Is this my Art?: Lithe & Easy Art, Flippin, TN