Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Spot the Art School Cliché

Rate the art schools in the UK that use the most cliches (who knew there were that many).

Zines (“ … much cooler than a magazine,” it informs us),
Close-up Photos (“The closer the lens to the subject, the more talented the photographer. Or something like that.”),
Graffiti (“The law is wrong … it’s art.”),
Polaroids (“Far from dead … ”),
Manifesto (“ … best thing to do with a boring message … ”),
Loving Parents (“Thinly-veiled criticisms of parents disguised as odes of love … ”),
CMYK (“What could be better than cyan, magenta, yellow and black unmixed?”),
Found Objects (“A cheap way of sourcing materials.”),
Poor Technical Execution (“Surely using a ruler and a sharp scalpel blade can’t be that difficult.”), and
Social Change (“Society isn’t fair!”) …

Via HyperAllergic