Sunday, August 7, 2011

Why Creative People Are So Vain

Don't know how much of this I believe, but it is a good read.

"A new study shows that while highly creative people may be more open-minded than regular joes, they also tend to be more arrogant."

"According to MSNBC, psychologists subjected 1,300 college students to "a personality test and various creativity questionnaires." Of the six personality traits they looked at, they found that openness to new experiences was most strongly correlated with creativity. Extroversion and creativity were also linked. However, creative people were somewhat less likely to be humble. Says study author Paul Silvia, "Our research didn't find a huge effect, and we certainly aren't claiming that all creative people are insufferably arrogant but, on average, people with a lot of creative accomplishments were less humble and modest." Silvia explains that a little arrogance in creative people could be a good thing, allowing them to withstand the constant criticism that comes with their vocation. But overly arrogant people may have trouble learning and improving."

via Jezebel