Thursday, April 29, 2010

Bite Me

Only thing missing was Hirst's Golden Bull squared, quartered and served on a spit...

"For one night only on Thursday, instead of being forbidden from touching the artwork at the Brooklyn Museum, visitors were encouraged not just to touch it, but also to eat it. The museum hired food artist Jennifer Rubell to create "Icons," a one-night-only show/feast that included four Marcel Duchamp–inspired Champagne fountains, eight “drinking paintings” in homage to Jackson Pollock, and a twenty-foot-tall piñata in the shape of Andy Warhol’s head. Upon the piñata's smashing, dessert — packaged foods like Hostess Sno Balls — was served."

The Art Was Edible at the Brooklyn Museum from New York Magazine

Flickr stream from the Brooklyn Museum (Note: All animals and plants were killed in the production of these videos...:)

Some highlights via images:

Watch all the videos on YouTube: Part 1, 2, 3, and 4

Perhaps they could get some of Damien Hirst's roadkill art to eat next year. Now that would be something...


a la Soutine....

Yes, yes, art lovers snacking on big stinking carcasses. Would be very advanced me Brooklyn Museum, better yet, MoMA for your next fund raising. I'm full of ideas....1-800-ART-TRIP