Thursday, April 8, 2010

New Action Movie - The One True Art

Movie Box Office Success - The One True Art

Betty Boopinski
For Art Entertainment Weekly

Helped by legions of artists, Art Trip's art action movie, "The One True Art" was beat out by "Hurt Locker" in this season Oscars. While many great movies were nominated, "The One True Art" dug into " Hurt Locker" shimmer at the Oscars as both pictures aimed to draw primarily male audiences. "The One True Art" won the admiration of the judges as an amazing amount of ‘artinas’ (female practitioners of art) spread the word about this art movie as it made its way through art galleries in Hollywood, Chelsea and around the world that Art Trip, himself, would be appearing in the film.

"We see this as the blog conversation or water-cooler conversation of the week," said Fred Fline distribution head Fline Ventures of the picture's crossover appeal. "This film is so creative, so fresh and different. There's so much competition that in this marketplace you have to delineate yourself".

Starring Tracey Emin as the Temptress, Jeff Koons as the King, Sarah Morris as the Exotic Virgin, Damien Hirst as the Court Jester (Richard Prince was the original choice for Court Jester but it was decided that he would have trouble transitioning from his former role as Art Clown) and Art Trip himself as the Wandering Student Artist; this film chronicles the journey of a new student of art through the wily world of art schools, galleries, auction houses and major art museums. Fighting hypocrisy and rampant commercialism of the art world, Art Trip fights pitched battles with pompous art professors, greedy art dealers and gallerists, arrogant art stars, deluded art critics and recently graduated MFAs while romancing the hottest Chelsea gallerinas. Art Trip eventually triumphs in the discovery of the One True Art as he ascends the highest floor of MoMA and throws down the tablets of the false arts.

Riveting... Julian Schnabel

I’m going to sue your ass, Trip... Damian Hirst

The character of the King was really funny... Charles Saatchi

I want to be an Art Movie Star!!! Bruce Nauman

Shut up Bruce and sell some of your damn art...Susan Rothenberg

How very dickish...Jerry Saltz