Sunday, May 9, 2010

Painting Critiques: 10 Things Never to Say About a Painting

It can be tough knowing what to say when a friend asks you what you think about their latest painting or to give a critique. But there are some things you should never say if you value your friendship. via About. CAUTION: High cringe factor because we all heard these at some point...

1. What is it?

2. Do you paint like this because you don't know how to paint real things?

3. Why don’t you use more paint? Why did you use so much [insert color]?

4. It looks so real, did you trace it?

5. Why didn’t you just take a photo?

6. My sister or brother or mother or father or second-cousin-twice-removed also paints and their things are very beautiful.

7. The colors will match the curtains in my living room nicely.

8. Can you do me one like this in [insert color]?

9. Show it to me again when it's finished. What are you still planning to do with it?

10. Nothing at all.

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