Sunday, October 31, 2010

Kenny Garrett - Blues Alley

Nice Kenny Garrett gig at Blues Alley yesterday.

Kenny Garrett has come a long way, baby. Over 30 years ago the alto saxophonist appeared on the national scene, having worked with the Duke Ellington Orchestra (post-Duke incarnation), Mel Lewis, and Art Blakey by the time he went out on his own in 1984–and then joined Miles Davis‘ band in 1986, where he really made his name. Now, in 2010, Garrett is established as an omnivore of jazz, happily devouring bop, modal, fusion, and free jazz (sometimes all in one tune). Still, he takes the time to look back, as on his most recent recording, Sketches of MD, a reflection on Miles Davis and Garrett’s time with him. Davis’ instincts for hiring future stars was unerring in Garrett, now a major figure himself; see him perform not for the Davis connection, but for the Garrett one

He played Happy People so here us a taste from another gig...