Friday, July 15, 2011

Tyson Grumm's 'Dream #84' At Obsolete Gallery In Venice

"Tyson Grumm's painting, "Dream #84," for which his upcoming exhibition is named, is a memorable centerpiece for the show. An elephant fitted with an umbrella seems to swing its leaden legs through the air, unconcerned that it's floating. In the background, the Hagia Sophia stands, partly obscured by trees, and a water tower appears stenciled or graffitied to a wall in the foreground."

"The exhibition, which presents a series of dreams Grumm has adapted to the canvas, are composed first by the artist's unconscious and then refined and developed with the brush. Grumm says he "often wonder[s] if my subconscious already knows what the painting looks like, and controls my brushstrokes like a puppeteer."

Via Huffington Post