Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Jazz Sick - Who Knew?

Who knew a person could have withdrawals from live jazz. After spending all day and night this Saturday at the DC Jazz Festival and all day at the Takoma Park, Maryland Jazz Festival on Sunday, I had to take yesterday off from work to listen to recorded jazz to ease the live jazz out of my system.

From the DC Jazz Fest

Clautio Rodti Quartet

Eddie Palmieri Latin Jazz Band

Roberta Flack
Roy Hargrove Big Band

Sax man solo

Roberta Gambarini singing with Roy's really long arm conducting the band

Roy does everything; plays the trumpet, dances, sings and dresses like Miles Davis. He is one cool dude...

Check out the Roberta Flack/Roy Hargove review from the Washington Post here

The Takoma Park Maryland Jazz Festival

Bruce Swain Quartet

Fred Foss Quintet

Bradley Leighton (weak west coast jazzer from San Diego)

Jeremy Pelt with Chuck Redd and the DC Jazz All Stars

Jeremy Pelt (Great trumpet player and a true class act. How cool is he to come t0 play in such a little hamlet. Are you listening Roy Hargrove???) <

A clip of him playing Ornithology by Charlie Parker. Even though this has crappy audio, it reminds me so much of those old recordings of Bird