Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Art we never want to see anymore

This cracked me up..

They nailed it...(Of course we would add "Anything from Art Trip")

1. piles of sand or gravel
2. 3D severed arms or legs (severed penises are OK ladies)
3. branches or roots
4. exposed stretcher bars
5. small 3D objects made really big
6. neon lights with words or not
7. movies with old film footage
8. beds
9. balloons
10. shelves with stuff from your attic
11. dinner tables
12. rehashed porn
13. faux naive portraits by MFA's and/or PhDs
14. robots made of found junk
15. abstract paintings with landscape horizons from Skylar Arts
16. feminists shows
17. mundane photography
18. food art
19. work that's more about the frame than anything else
20. picnic tables
21. chairs made unusable
22. crap piled against a wall
23. illustration posing as art
24. any t-shirt or skateboard pllllleeeezzzzzzzzz
25. wittle animals
26. teen angst drawings made on their beds
27. knitting trying to pose as art
28. obsessive drawings especially made in Brookland cafes
29. f'n stripe paintings or fan shapes!!!!
30. handguns in fillytown, not funny
31. skulls made by white, privileged posers
32. blurry nude photos
33. painting with plywood showing in areas
34. hand scrawled notes
35. blue masking tape
36. did we say food, animals, neon, yet??!!!!!
37. vases with stupid plants on stupid shelves or not
38. furniture piled up
39. real or fake life-size vehicles
40. Mushy brown-turd encaustic abstraction or other
41. figurines posing as sculpture
42. meaningless monochrome redux yuk
43. babies, puppies, shark teeth
44. minimalist cubes of any color or material
45. cages of any color or material
46. empty art crates on display
47. combinations of the above

From Art Blahg