Sunday, July 18, 2010

Bullshit Artist

"Perhaps the issue is that the threshold for what qualifies as an idea in the art world is just too low. How else to explain Antony Gormley telling The New York Times recently that his public art project, currently on view around the Flatiron district, “has to do with questioning both the status of art and the nature of our built environment”? Or the Whitney publishing a catalog essay about the 2010 Biennial that describes the works included in the show as “interrogating … gaps and distortions” in history “while also reimagining personal images or memories”?

"In Mr. Gioni’s view, such vague and abstract language is and always has been so common in the art world because works of art are never meant to be understood or interpreted in any one way. Abstract language allows everyone to think what they want to think."

From the New York Observer

Also don't forget to apply for the BS for Artist Training