Thursday, February 4, 2010

Special Sale for Artists: 50% Off on BS Training

For any new artist (or those wanting to advance their art skills), it is important that you master one of the most crucial aspects of art which is not usually covered in conventional artist training; the art of artist BS. Critical to your success as an artist in today’s competitive and crowded art scene, it is important that you master this principal skill so that you will become a successful and prosperous art star.

Offered through the Art Trip College of Art, this training offers a solid grounding in artist BS. Art Trip’s BS for Artists will teach you how to BS in any art situation where you find yourself having to explain yourself or your art (especially useful when trying to explain or sell your art to dealers or collectors). No need to feel intimidated because you with no knowledge of art or are clueless about art history.

Starting with simple art words and phrases such as perspective, light, composition, translucence, concept, less is more, ArtForum magazine or even Art Industrial Complex, you will soon begin to weave them into complex, compelling and seemingly profound gibber. By the end of the course you find yourself able to say things like:

“Art must be supplemented by Art; while Art must be led as well as studied before the full meaning can be understood. The awakening of Art can only be understood, in measure, as it is entered into Art.”


“The recognition of the three worlds while seated before the easel leads us to realize ourselves; and all life; as of the Soul of Art. As we dwell, not in past, present or future, but in the Eternal, we become more at one with Art."


“Doing Art, the total of the phenomena, possess as their property; Manifestation, Action, Inertia; the qualities of force and matter in combination. These, in their grosser form, makes Art cool and trendy.”

or even

“The whole outer world exists for the purposes of Art and finds in this, it’s true reason for being an Artist. Shopping at the GreatFamousArtistArtSupply Store encompasses the grades or layers of the Three Potencies of Art. Art stuff then becomes Defined, Un-Defined or On Sale. So always look for that with distinctive marks known as logos; finding these on sale are even better”.

Never again be thrown or rendered speechless when a dealer has the audacity to ask something like, “What exactly does your art mean in the broad context of the contemporary art milieu?" Be assured that you will now be able to answer such questions with confidence and cunning wisdom.

By enrolling in the Art Trip BS for Artists, you will be offered bold techniques such as the patented NTNF (Not true, not false) Technique. This technique will perfect you in the practice of asserting whatever the dealer or collector knows to be true, is false (or false, is true). With the contention that the Old Masters didn’t know as much as the current Art Stars (and backed by the authoritative art resource, Art in America Magazine), you will have those neurotic art hanger-ons who ask such questions, believing that you are the source of a new trendy art philosophical approach.

So, enroll today in Art Trips’ BS for Artists (class available through most major art museums worldwide) and save 50% during this one-day sale.

Special offer if you call today to reserve you BS for Artists class. Included absolutely free is Art Trip’s patented new art theory, Neo-Post-Tripism. The amazing new art theory that is taking the art world my storm. Act now, don’t delay for this exciting offer.