Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Bring back painting...pretty please

"After encountering so many bare walls and open spaces, after examining so many amalgams of photography, altered objects, seductive materials and conceptual puzzles awaiting deciphering, I started to feel as if it were all part of a big-box chain featuring only one brand.

The goal in organizing museum exhibitions, as in collecting, running a gallery and — to cite the most obvious example — being an artist, should be individuation and difference, finding a voice of your own. Instead we’re getting example after example of squeaky-clean, well-made, intellectually decorous takes on that unruly early ’70s mix of Conceptual, Process, Performance, installation and language-based art that is most associated with the label Post-Minimalism."

Has the art scene been taken over by nerds? Of course she forgot to mention a major show of Art Trip

Post-Minimal to the Max here via Roberta Samith of the New York Times

For information regarding Art Trip painting, go here