Wednesday, July 7, 2010

New Show by Art Trip – Hot Dawgin’ with Art

Charles Closer for Ain't That Something Art Review Weekly

Stan’s Art and Polish Sausage Hut presents a new art performance by 90 year old hipster artist, Art Trip, entitled, “Hot Dawgin’ with Art”. Stanley Zombalski, the owner of Stan’s Art and Polish Sausage Hut invited Art Trip, who is known for his retro painting style (like 1869 retro) as well as his art satire, to create an art performance piece. Inspired by the Marina Abramović performance at MoMA. Mr. Zombalski explained, “I don’t know art from a sausage but my wife said a performance art piece would bring some real class to the joint. I thought she was nuts at first, but then I thought maybe it would help could sell more kielbasa.”

Participant in the Art Trip performance art piece

Though borrowing much from the Abramović performance piece, Zombalski said that there will be a major difference. “Well, they can buy a Polish sausage before they sit for the performance. You can’t do that at some fancy art museum”. The performance consists of participants sitting before a ‘portrait’ of Art Trip and Art Chicken while a camera records their reactions. When asked about Art Trip, Zombalski, replied, “He’s old as dirt and he don’t say much, but man, that chicken of his is a trip”.

Stan's Art and Polish Susage Hut

Participant enjoying the special Abramović kielbasa made by Stanley Zombalski for this performance only.

Editors Note: The extreme emotional reactions of the participants who sat before the portrait of Art Trip and Art Chicken are documented in the photos taken below.